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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/17/2016
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Dr. Faye Snyder


Granada Hills, California

BEWARE of The Parc Foundation in Granada Hills, California:
and its Con Artist Founder:
Dr. Faye Snyder.
Dr. Faye Snyder is nothing but a self-serving, fraud and miserable quack and a sociopath.
She is an egomaniac who has most of her life and all of her UNdistinguished so-called "career" making FALSE reports against truly good, decent parents and having their babies and children taken away from them based on her FALSE reports.
She has gotten her victims, these good parents, from her krap facility, a dingy little office building in Granada Hills, Calfironia, called The PARC Foundation.
The PRAC Foundation is a so-called center for parenting courses and other stages for Dr. Faye Snyder (Dr. FAKE Snyder) to showcase her lack of education and her illegally written, PLAGARIZED books.
The PARC Foundation is where all of her victims started by simply having unknowingly and innocently signed up for a rando parenting class but instead been caught in the cross hairs of its miserable, lonely, evil founder, Dr, Faye Snyder, and her agenda to unjustly have random parents babies taken away from them.
Could this be because, not only is Dr. Faye Snyder (Dr. FAKE Snyder) a sorry, pathetic woman who was too infertile to have more than just one child (an illegitimate son, actor Scott Wolfe, who is actually a convicted felon and a pedophile) and so she was always jealous of other women with multiple children?
Or could it because anyone who dares to disagree with her HORRIBLE "parenting" methods must face the wrath of this egomaniac and endure having their babies taken away by social services based upon her FALSE reports (Reports which court judges and police have caught on to and NO longer give any heed to)?
And/or could it be for a multitude of other reasons based on the whims of this old, evil hag called QUACK Dr. Faye Snyder?
Whatever the reasons, No ONE respects this sorry witch or her money-grubbing front for illegal activities, called The PARC Foundation.

By the way, it seems her karma has finally caught with her.
Check out this most recent report in which she was up to more trouble-making still, when she was trespassing on property where she did not belong and had been warned not to enter and then, as she defiantly entered, in order to get attention, she had a stroke:

May she live to see several more strokes and then complete paralysis and yet more problems, as she so richly deserves.


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Who Scammed You Commenter
I believe that Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false defamatory post about this person. She has done this to several people across this site. She has done it to me as well. She uses the same language "aka" and claims everyone are sociopaths, psychopaths, child predators, scammers, phony, frauds, liars, and so on. Teresa also uses the names Kathy, Tressa Arasheben, Terry Smith, Terry Raven, Terry Arasheben, and I am sure there are more. Be weary of anything posted in similar fashions as this one. She makes huge claims, but she never has any evidence to back anything up. However, if you look her name up on google and find her case numbers of all of the court cases she's been involved in, you'll see very quickly why she is doing this to people. She's been doing this as far back as 2012 to people from what I can see. I encountered her in 2017 for a short period of time before she went to prison for 2 years and then she started back up in Dec 2019. Hasn't stopped since. Until Teresa starts to post FACTUAL things with EVIDENCE, we should all take everything she posts about people with a very small grain of salt.

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