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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/19/2016
  • Severity: 10

Sebastian Weymar Colce

Predator and liars

Winter park, Florida

Sebastian weymar Colce
Weymar Colce
Beymar,Victor... Colque...who else? Predator
Racist, liar,domestic violent,bullying,harrasser,sick,rip off...
Extreme manipulative who's can ruin your life he have his woman's for support him in every single thing so he use FBI hats says lies and get over every trouble or responsibilities.
He bitten pregnant woman,he abandoned his sick newborn baby with out any support on street ,he also abandoned another children's and avoid knowledge of paternity.
He scams woman',abuse and treat to killed the mother of his children.
He is a golden digger deadbeat watch out he going for another level of his games.he confess have strong attraction for teenagers.he try put the mother of his children in jail with fake accusation, try got injunction with lies,he put his son in dangerous try make another man knowledge the paternity of his biological son he doesn't care about his kids safe or lives.only think matter for him is keep his life style he doesn't have remorse or kindness for his own kids. He like pretend be someone he can't never will money and do everything and anything for this with out any conscience. He on line and out there be careful he is a predator, sociopath.
He no have limitation for hurting his own blood so he will abuse and hurting you too.he doesn't care for nobody he only care about herself and his need.don't waist your time listen his lies.

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Predator and liars Predator and liars Predator and liars Predator and liars


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Wow more posts about this coward. I can tell a lot more about him.

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