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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/20/2016
  • Severity: 7

BAlly Mood/ Gedeh P Chea

Buying your products and then asks you to send money somewhere

Abilene, Texas

I was selling a wedding dress on Let Go. This guy with the account Bally Mood messaged me and said if the item was still for sale to texas his wife at 580-262-4828. So I did this (not comprehending this is NOT an instate number- i know DUH). So I was conversing with this person and they asked for my address so they could send me my payment as she was sending a bank certified check (no name of the bank was given). So the honest person I AM gave out this information on Sat 09/17/2016. She kept saying she would get the tracking number to me and I was to take the amount of the dress plus $50 extra for my honesty, and then send the rest of the money thru western union or money gram to their shippers. I asked for 3 days for a name and address to send the package to. She wouldn't answer me until Monday, 09/20/2016. On Saturday I was already suspicious and did not want to go thru with it. So we did some research and found this Gedeh P Chea apart of some scam. She did give me a tracking number which it said was sent out of Florida, but the address and person I was sending the other money to was in Providence Rhode Island. I went to the cops and explained the situation and they agreed that this was indeed a scam and to shred the check. Had I deposited this check, after XX amount of days the check would have bounced and MY account would have been charged however much the check was for plus any fees and WE would be responsible for that money!! I copied every text and even the message from Let Go because it just did not seem right (also being a forensic major, EVIDENCE IS KEY). That person gave the wrong address for me, so UPS couldn't deliver the "package" to me. So I called them and they said that the shipper did not provide a name or billing address, so they don't even know where it came from. So be aware and DO NOT send any money to anyone if YOUR the one who is supposed to receive the money!! The police officers said the recent cases they have solved, the money is going to different countries and it is funding ISIS!


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