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Klap├ęda, Grafo Chemija Turgaus g. 29

I ordered 500ml of GBL from this company, I placed an order and few days latter I sent the payment by bank transfer and informed them by email about it. After two days my order status changed on "canceled", without any explanation, there was only information that they need my bank account number to refund my money. Quite wired cause they had my account number since they got my transfer, anyway I sent that number and details. After few days I wrote again, they replied that need my account number, I sent it again and informed that I already sent it few days ago and I expect my money will be refund as soon as possible and ask for confirmation. They replied few days letter that refund will be send on that day and I will get confirmation after it. Never got my money back neither any replay on my emails. It was 3 or 4 months ago. Just after that I contacted with them from different email as new customer and got replay on the same day asked where is my money, but ofc communication stopped.
They seems to run real company in Lithuania Grafo Chemija, but provided bank account belongs to MSO-CHEMICALS company registered in Poland which was closed after one month. Owner of both is mihail solovev. in meanwhile they provided on their web site another company details located in Czech Prague. Only this should was a waring, cause any legit company don't operate in one country and takes payment on account of another closed company from different country. There is at least few other legit EU gbl vendors, don't waist your money and time with those thieves!!!


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