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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/09/2016
  • Severity: 10

Trevlyn Cunningham

Rent Scam

Shepherds Bush, LCN

Trevlyn Cunningham scammed four students in London, UK. Each student paid a deposit to secure her flat to move in. She cancelled the agreement the night before they were suppose to move in, and agreed to return their money. The students tried reaching out several times but Trevlyn Cunningham rarely responded, and she lied about having wired the money back. She NEVER returned the money. The property address is 17 Lanark Mansions, Pennard Road in Shepherds Bush, London. Students please be WARNED! Do not rent from this woman, she may very well do the same to you.

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Rent Scam


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The landord at this flat (17 Lanark Mansions, Pennard Road, W12 8DN) is by far the worst landlord I have ever encountered, and that is saying a lot because they are all parasites. Mrs Trevlyn Cunningham gives off the impression that letting out a west London flat that she purchased for £310k in 2002 is the most arduous thing a person could be tasked with doing. Yes she is deceitful when it comes to money but the worst part of living there is the constant fucking moaning. She likes to rent the rooms out individually which, in combination with her ridiculously high prices and lack of clarity when it comes to bills, means you are basically in a constant state of having to have the place ready for viewings. In her mind this means no dust particles may exist within the property. She will literally point to dust on the hallway floor and complain that we aren't keeping the place clean enough. Do you perhaps own a bike? It's not allowed in the house.

She lied to us at the start about double-glazing the single-glazed windows, I'm sure that to this day that the front window is still partially smashed. The small room with a door is damp, very damp. The bathroom is also pretty damp and so you will inevitably be blamed for the constant worsening state of this room.

Did she place my deposit in a legit deposit scheme? Of course she didn't. Did she steal my deposit? Of course she did.

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