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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/23/2016
  • Severity: 10

Joni Lszrom/Sebastian Weymar Colce

Abusive/racist/kick pregnant woman in street

Winter park, Florida

Joni is friend of Sebastian Colce also his land lord she doesn't care she support s and kick pregnant woman in street,she's is a personal friend of him,Sebastian stop pay the rent and treat leave the house and live the newborn in Street,he also said when the mom of the children come back the hospital her clothes and staffs will be on the street,because he will move out. While she going to hospital delivery. The mom off his children try contact Joni and say hi Ivwill move out when My baby born and I foundvjob for take care off him,she bitch back and Said I don't care what's Sebastian will do to you I don't want you there.I will contact Sebastian. She's is friend with him and support him,Sebastian also use this letter in the court for shows the judge Mark she's (Joni) ask too for the pregnant moving out,because off Joni the pregnant lady became homeless with newborn for more the 6 months,Sebastian put Dayanna Trujillo inside the house and abandoned his son and Take care Dayanna kids with another Men. Thoses peoples judgmental and make the mom of the children felling guilty for whats they done.also use the excuses like she's married the lady is separate since 2012 from Domestic violence and children abuse guy and Sebastian and his support force the pregnant lady going back to children abuse ex husband with his son.for him does not have to pay children support.those peoples doesn't shame or have any remosse,thoses peoples are really racist they think they can do whatever they want whit the minority. Black/immigrants/pregnant/separated woman's with ex husband domestic violence they take for and social status is everything For Sebastian domestic violence.His ex wife will said he never did to me...Because she's white and rich but if Sebastian have a chance to do with another woman like he judge is less the him he will. Sebastian said "you are too black for be part of my world." For the mother of his children he also instigated the police too shooting the mother of her just at this time. Joni is a bitch real state woman brown nose who with out family oriented only money oriented.

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Abusive/racist/kick pregnant woman in street Abusive/racist/kick pregnant woman in street Abusive/racist/kick pregnant woman in street


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Wow he did...
He says to me he will never do the DNA paternity and he is a business person however his to good for raising black children from low education woman he plan screwed the mom of his children ,he says I'm to good for waisting my time with her.

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