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Diana Marc

Scammer claiming to be stuck in Istanbul, Turkey

Toronto, ON

Yeah, I fell for it, too. Just like the guy who posted in 2012. I sent "her" $715.00 via WU. I feel so dumb. I asked for verification from her but she had nothing to give me to prove that she was real. This scammer went by the name of "Diana Marc". He/she contacted me on CDate (Christian Dating App on iPhone) and said after reading my profile, "she" canceled her profile and wanted to meet me to start a love affair. She sent me pictures of "herself" to my personal email. She started pouring on romantic talk very heavily as if we were long lost lovers whos paths had finally crossed by some divine intervention. She said her mom was Turkish and her dad was from Colorado. They were both dead now, she said. She said she was raised a devout Catholic by her grandparents who put her through fashion design school and then they died and now she was all alone. She claimed a modeling agent picked her up and gave her modeling jobs. She said she fell in love with her modeling agent who dominated her and used her for sex and did not allow her to do anything or go anywhere. She said she left him and started her own fashion design business in Toronto, Ontario.

A few days later, she was taking a flight to Istanbul, Turkey to a fashion business seminar. While in Poland, she sent me a picture of herself supposedly with other visitors and fashion enthusiasts.

Upon leaving Poland she claimed she could not come home because she bought a lot of textile fabric for her business and the materials were held in immigration customs at the airport and they told her she must pay $680,00 because of the price of the supplementary weight in the plane. Her credit card was also hacked and she did not have enough money to complete here ticket to airlines. So she asked me if I could send her the money. I was very skeptical and hesitant, and I tried to give her many alternatives to help her, but she found counter-arguments to prove the best idea was to give the money by WU. I eventually sent it to her, hoping that maybe it was not a scam. I sent it to the infos she gave me by Western Union: Diana Marc, Istanbul, Turkey, Zip Code 34000. Then I validated my transaction and the money was ready to be picked up. Until I came back to a picture that she sent it to - and I quote her - ''put my mind at ease'', a picture of her passport. It was too weird to be a real one. So I decided to insert every photo she has sent me in Google Image Search. That's when I discovered that many of the pictures were from different blogs and websites. I also found a website where some victims of this scammer received letters just like the letters I received ( On Facebook, I saw 2 profiles with her photos: 1) C Wendy Barbara and 2) Diana Marc Helen. They will probably be erased in the end of the week. So I just called the Anti-Fraud service of Western Union to cancel my transaction, and so he blocked the amount of money. I almost lost it. It's so dumb. But also so cruel to play with human emotions in order to obtain money. Watch out, she (or he or even they) is/are not done scamming.

Her email address is

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Scammer claiming to be stuck in Istanbul, Turkey Scammer claiming to be stuck in Istanbul, Turkey Scammer claiming to be stuck in Istanbul, Turkey Scammer claiming to be stuck in Istanbul, Turkey


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I said Poland, but I meant Turkey... :/
  • Marc78
  • Submitted: 01/25/2017
yep, I just got contacted by this person 4 days ago and we've been going back and forth, saying she was born and raised in Israel, her mom was from Poland and her dad was from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Anyways, it's the exact same pictures that you posted that she sent me. We haven't even begun discussing money, but due to "her" bad English and the Asian/European look that she has, I was very skeptical from the get-go. Good thing I found this post. Thanks.

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