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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/15/2016
  • Severity: 10

Sebastian Colce/Dayanna Trujillo

Golden digger

Winter park, Florida

Self absorb couples
Dayanna was Married with Cesar rich farm from Venezuela his the daddy of his children.
Sebastian stick on Dayanna side only because she have a children with this rich business guy.
Sebastian and Dayanna take injunction for the mother of Sebastian son he play games,negligence and abandoned new born children in hospital sick and never give support for his 5 children.
Sebastian think he's is smart for no knowledge paternity of a lot children.
This Hispanic woman's give Sebastian support for being alpha male and machist and blame the mother of his kid's and work with him for his get way of his kids.
Dayanna arrive to USA when the ex girlfriend of Sebastian have 7 months she was in Hotel room and help Sebastian abuse the pregnant and put her in street with sick new born with out Support.
Dayanna really proud of she's done and Sebastian too. Dayanna and Sebastian have Sebastian ex wife support also Dayanna s Daughter going too best colleges while Sebastian kids left in poverty.
Dayanna Bullying and harassment another mother's Online.
This family is all about money they called business,they does care for no one only they self.Sebastian hangout and take care Dayanna son because the little Cesar have rich daddy.
Sebastian is a huge gold digger and bigotry.
This family ruined a lot children lives and they take for granted because they think this families does not have voice and no one take care about the minorities here in USA.

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