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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/28/2016
  • Severity: 1

Robert Malky

Unisneakerverse fake shoes replica

Trollhattan, Sneakers

This guy runs a decently looking site where he sells sneakers. The site will tell you these are real but once you paid you will have to wait 4 weeks to receive very bad replicas, I strongly advise to not do any business with this guy. Paypal looked into my claim and refunded right away! This should say something.


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  • Alexxx
  • Submitted: 12/11/2016
I feel you, it took me weeks to get the first par of shoes i ordered and they didnt seem original, so i wanted to bust them for real this time, so i bought a pair of Yeezy boost V2´s copper, they came fast and i thought they were fake but it turned out that they were 100% authentic.. tbh didnt believe that they were original until i made a legit check and as i said it turned out to be the real deal, so yeah they take years to ship but i atleast got the real deal and im kinda cool with them

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