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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/18/2016
  • Severity: 10

Paris Lucci,Tiffany Lucci, Madison Lucci and Bianca Lucci Inform A Friend That Ruth Collins Of Malibu and Jade Collins Parnell Orchestrated Sick Video

Lucci Quadruplets And Ruth Collins Of Malibu Scam

Torrance, California

I read all the blogs back and forth. I tried to contact the parents , especially the father of these Quads, (Madison , Tiffany, Paris and Bianca Lucci) to inform that more close friends are coming forward to tell the truth. Ali Allison was the first (best friend to Bianca Lucci) was first to realize something was wrong with the Lucci quadruplets story. I am another friend of these Quads (name I will not mention), and was told directly in confidentiality, that Ruth Collins of Malibu and Jade Collins Parnell pushed the girls to make these false video Straight Outta Beverly Hills. A sick act in reading some of the blogs to extort. A sick act for the Collins benefit in any attempt to make money. One of the quads did say , they felt bad doing all of this, but was "bullied" by the other sisters. I was told from another friend that I would be able to post this on this website. I went to school with these quads and everyone did what they wanted


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