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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/14/2011
  • Severity: 5

Coral Kerr

Uses Animal Rescue Please So People will give her Money

Tulare County, California, 93207

For years this woman has been rescuing and hoarding animals; she has a clever way of manipulating people into giving her money to live on which she never repays. If you're kind and easily influenced with a sob story....stay away from Coral Kerr......she'll accept your help and when you stop helping she moves on to other victims. You can see her profile on FaceBook.


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Hi, please elaborate on how she does this? I am trying to help her with her animal issues. She has not asked for any money??? Thank you!
  • NJme
  • Submitted: 03/02/2011
She is a hoarder and her animals have been removed.
See this website (there are many others)

She needs mental health help and not more money for animals which will be removed again for her neglect.
She does this by making you feel sorry for her plight; she plays the innocent victim of people who supposedly wish to do her harm. she is extremely intelligent; a master manipulator. she is careful never to overtly ask for anything, so in the end she can say she never asked for your help.if you care about people or animals, steer clear-do not let her get to know you, do not have extensive conversations. I lost my house and 10s of thousands of dollars because I cared.
How is this a scam? This person doesn't ask for money?
Apparently whoever makes claims of being scammed provides grounds for a defamation of character law suit . We investigated the target of these allegations, and the case involving a county violating her civil rights , which this county has, in fact done.Clearly there is an effort to malign her and basically if anyone had a complaint of any nature, why wouldn't they identify themselves and approach this person they are accusing.
The fact is those eight dogs and cats who were taken from their home had been loved and well cared for all of their lives by Miss Kerr. Professional trainers, breeders, and animal handlers consulted who had observed Coral kerr interacting with animals over the years had been impressed with her empathy,sensitivity, compassion and respect for all animals. She was interviewed by mental health specialists who found her to be stable and capable and the psychiatrist who visited her home stated that " none of us would meet with approval if our homes were invaded suddenly by self righteous, misguided strangers who appoint themselves experts on how everyone should live". He said that "no county employee who is hired to seize pets from private homes is qualified to determine to whom pets should belong". He was touched, he said ,by Miss kerr's "altruistic dedication".

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