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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/15/2011
  • Severity: 8

John Daniels

Work at Home Scam

Knoxville, TN 48, 37917

I applied for a job on MSN CareerBuilder for an Accounts/Data Clerk. I received an email from "John Daniels" email address "" back giving me instructions for an interview via yahoo messenger. I did the interview and was sent "legal proof" of company. I researched the company and it all seemed to be legit. I accepted the job offer AND then found it was a work at home position ( it was not stated in the job ad nor did "John Daniels" email address state this in the interview). I was to be online 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. I was told that they would pay for equipment to set me up a "home office" and that I would be receiving a check for the start of buying equipment. Once I received the check, I called the bank that it was drawn on and verified the check. So I thought it was a legit check. I deposited the check into my bank account and was told that it would be 24 hours before the check cleared and the money would be available. The following day, I was told to withdraw $1700 (the check was for $1950) and go to an AT&T store and purchase a Blackberry with a plan. I did that and returned home. I was then instructed to Western Union $1400.00 to "Shawneka Rogers" for equipment. I also did this. I was told that I would receive a check the following week for the remainder of the balance for the home office equipment. Basically same thing, I received a check for $1950.00, called the bank it was drawn on, they verified the account and I deposited it into my account. Once again I was told by my bank that it would be available in 24 hours once the check cleared. I was told to Western Union $1800.00 to again to "Shawneka Rogers" for the remainder of the balance for the "equipment". The following day, "John Daniels" had me go to Walmart and take the remainder of the money (which was a little over $200) and purchase a prepay Visa card. Once I got home, I emailed the card information to him. Later that evening I received yet another check in the amount of $980.00, when I asked "John Daniels" the following morning what the check was for he told me "petty cash" he wanted me to deposit into my bank account. I went to the bank and spoke with my bank manager as I had become suspicious. My bank manager was also suspicious so we decided to send the check to the back to be "collected on". I returned home and told "John Daniels" that my bank would not deposit the check and he stated that my bank was being difficult. 3 days later, I logged in online to check my bank account, it was -$2000.00!! The first check I had deposited had come back returned. It was safe to assume that the second one would come back returned also. This was on a Sunday so was going to have to wait until the following day to go to the bank. I notified "John Daniels" via yahoo messenger and never got a response out of him. I called 911 to file a report. I have not heard from him since the day that he told me my bank "was being difficult cause they would not deposit the check". The checks that I deposited were counterfeit, and I now owe my bank $8000.00!! Beware as I have found recent job posting all over the US and Canada for the same position even after I my experience. I have filed a report with the FBI. My bank was unable to file any "fraud" charges as it wasn't exactly fraud as it was checks that were deposited into my account. (this is what the bank told me anyway, that this was a CIVIL matter)


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