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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/18/2017
  • Severity: 9

Genia Campbell

Liar, Thief and Master Manipulator

West Valley City, Utah

She used an online dating site to lure me in. We met several times in person over 8 months with no sexual relations. She and her son provided an elaborate hoax in where they needed a loan from me for a car. She requested that I provide a promissory not to her for her to sign. She signed the note or so I thought. After months of "dating", her son took of with the car, and she defaulted on the money that she owes me. I took her to small claims court. She flat out lied to the judge saying that she never got the money from me when we both used the same financial institution and the same services to transfer the money. The bank has confirmed that she received the money. She cried and carried on like she is so innocent. The judge bought i, and ruled in her favor even though I have a signed contract. I now have a certified document from the financial institution proving her acceptance of the funds. This is perjury. I will file an appeal claiming perjury and how the protem was manipulated. The protem is enabling her unlawfulness. Warning! She will rip you off. Stay away. Buyer beware.


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