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Infinity Group Lending

Loan Never Delivered

Harrison, New York

I spoke with a loan officer at Infinity group lending named Keith Sheridan who told me that they would lend me $7500 at 12% interest if I was willing to prepay for the first 4 month's payments in advance, which amounted to $797. The choice was mine. On the day the loan was to be disbursed to my bank account, a young woman, supposedly from their office, called saying that there was a problem with my loan approval. Due to the fact that I had declared BK, their company required all borrowers of my credit standing to prepay the first 4 month's payments and buy the insurance of $950 before the loan could be funded. I said that this was an obvious scam to pump me for more money and I demanded that they refund the $797 I had already paid them. They said they would refund the money within 2 weeks, but the money never came. Big surprise. I called their company everyday for 2 weeks demanding that they give my money back, but now I'm sure that their is no company, no office, no business license and no funds to disburse. They are obviously a complete fraud..


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