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Fahim Daoud Khan/ fahim Turan Khan/ Ahmed/

Scam ladies for mo ey and then threat them.

Dehli, South India

Fahim mother fucker, who scam women for money and took their all and everything, thankfully hes arrested on Feb/02/2017. Ladies we are motivating you to visit his facebook and linked in page for further details!
This message is especially for Preti, Poya, Wawa, Sanorita, Pooj, and bestfriendsforevwr10


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Life can not be joyful to know that he has been arrested ,hopefully by providing more info about this Nahmard , police will not let him to be out again as he will use the money as grantee that he got from those innocent woman , those who has been victim of this Nahmard call Delhi Crime Branch at
919654139501 OR 918130906869
Again please make sure you are taking to the right person
His bitches are still somewhere reading all these info /news !
Do not get hunt again !

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