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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/10/2017
  • Severity: 10

Hameedullah/Faheem Turan Khan/Faheem Daoud Khan/Walid Karzai

Walid Karzai, Fahim Daud Khan, Fahim Turan, Faheem Mohammadzai, Hammedullah/Walid Karzai

New Dehli, North India

Casanova, Uses Religion, Romance, Immigration, Status. Forged documentations, and Tragic sitautions.
New Delhi, He has scammed across all borders!!!
This gentleman has no morals, ethics, or limitation to what extent he will go to scam you. His identity in India has been revealed, he has been arrested and is in prison. All of his electronics have been confiscated. If anyone has been scammed by him, please contact me at or contact the Delhi Crime Branch and come forward with your story. Your identity will be kept at discretion.

Don't be scare of him. He's just a bullshit. Who sell his body and private parts in the name of marriage. And then threatening women. He's not even a man. But rather he is a bitch, a prostitute and a theif. Now the indian police is playing with this prostitute.

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Walid Karzai, Fahim Daud Khan, Fahim Turan, Faheem Mohammadzai, Hammedullah/Walid Karzai


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haha, he thought he is very smart and never caught , it is delightful this bullshit arrested, he wanted to upload his victim picture. his picture is every where in internet instead.his family must shame to rise such this bastard, may all family is same as him
Sleep in peace everyone who has been victim of this Nahmard !
He will die in Indian jail now .
He has no morals ,values and no respect for himself ,never mind to any human kind , he has been gone too far to get money from woman and their families
All kinds of fake documents and pictures to make him look like a real person and to mention his bitch team who had been helping with his scamme !
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ae morda gao gospand be padar wa be modar ra khuda bigira. idk az kus kudam faisha aftada. kuni padar nalat ra.

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