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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/02/2017
  • Severity: 1


work at home

trinity, Florida

Scammed by Alpine Delivery(fake name) they ship high end electronics to you by stealing people credit cards to purchase, send to several different people so they won't get caught. It all looks good the pay $2500, work from home, professional portal to see when you will receive packages, a manager named Monica that will contact you for a while. Will say you are on a 30 day probation period. I fell victim for only a couple days until I did my own search. Even stole a BBB respected name to decoy as. However upon reading on there it was exactly what I was doing. Many victims in this case, don't fall victim. It all looks legit but not at all. Make sure you refuse delivery of packages before they hit your doorstep.
Name: ALPINE delivery another one is also called NOVUS-trade both fake.


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