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Amy Dean & Troy N. HOUGHTALING Jr.

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Centralia, Washington

These people will stand and hold a sign saying they need gas or a part for their van. They hold signs at WalMart and rest areas. Once they get enough money they buy up 3 grams of pot at a time. They was caught buying a DVD player for van in the East. They also try to scam McDonalds all the time on the road. Saying they did not get their full order. They was caught doing it in Centralia WA. They will call or go in twice a week at different McD. They have two small kids they use to get money. They left Centralia WA. on 03/04/2017 heading east. They ate driving a 80's White Dodge mini van LICENSE PLATE 119-??? ARKANSAS. If seen please contact the police for the Wear fair of the kids. They left his dad with over $2000 in debt after helping them.

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