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  • Submitted: 03/17/2017
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Louie's Yoshi's Auto Body

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Granada Hills, California

Do NOT take your car to Louie's Yoshi's Auto Body aka Yoshi's Auto Body aka Louie's Auto Body in Granada Hills, California.
The owner, Louie J. Castellanos is a convicted child predator who has been in prison for over 60 counts of child-related crimes against very young children, mostly boys.
And the auto body itself, Louie's Yoshi's Auto Body aka Louie's Auto Body aka Yoshi's Auto Body id the worst, most unskilled auto body shop.
The men who work there are unskilled and lazy and actually turn vehicles back to the owners FAR Worse then they went in.The vehicles end up with more scuff marks, dents, dings, damages than originally brought in and the engines are always messed up after then men worked on the cars.
And the owner, Louie Castellanos and his partner, Richard Nunez will NOT go back and fix the new problems that their men have caused.
BEWARE of Louie's Yoshi's Auto Body aka Yoshi's Auto Body aka Louie's Auto Body.

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These comments made on this post are degrading and defamation of someone's identity. Louie J Castellanos has never been to jail, nor committed these atrocious crimes stated on this post. "Who scammed you" should have screening tests before allowing people to make false comments about someone without any credibility. Check the police database/ Megan's law and there are no record of Louie J Castellanos. I will be having my computer technicians and the police informed about this post and find out who responsible for this post. Please remove this post before I take legal action and take "who scammed you inc" and the person responsible for this post into litigation.

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