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  • Submitted: 03/18/2017
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Matt Schiffgen

Ripoff Lawyer Using Women for Sex

Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt Schiffgen also known as "Shifty" among his friends and co-workers...I was having a hard time affording a lawyer and I met this lawyer on a dating website called Bumble. Since he was a lawyer I opened up to him about this small thing I was dealing with. He promised his legal services to me if I would sleep with him. So we went out for drinks, he smoked some weed, and we went back to my place. I wanted to go to his place, but I caved after he insisted on my place claiming he was moving to a new place. After having sex with me once at night and once in the morning he left my house with plans to meet with me that evening to discuss my case. He blocked my number and never showed up. I never heard from him again. He's a drug doing local public defender who uses women and tosses them aside. Do not trust this guy women. He will make promises and future plans with you, but once you give him what he wants he's out of there. He may seem charming, baby faced, and extremely believable, but he just wants sex no matter what it takes. His phone number (801) 557-4758

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Ripoff Lawyer Using Women for Sex Ripoff Lawyer Using Women for Sex Ripoff Lawyer Using Women for Sex


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Report him to the Utah Bar Association!
Kira Wirthlin (Kira Peackock on facebook) is being investigated for this defaming post and is the only possible suspect. She was an infatuated admirer of Mr. Schiffgen, an honest respectful man, she was not a client or a prospective client.

A civil suit is being initiated against Ms. Kira Wirthlin (Peacock) regarding this matter. No Bar Complaint has been filed as this story is a lie.

Often times when feeling s are hurt human beings react in hurtful ways as Ms. Kira WIrthlin has done so here.

***If anyone has experienced a similar event with Ms. Kira Wirthlin please reach share.
I looked up the girl you listed. It looks like her story about you checks out. She's even been arrested for the same charge you're accusing her of lying about. It is incredibly nice of her not to report you.
Ok, I see where someone names a name but WTF? I am very weary of websites like this, if you post something put at least a real first name. Anyone can create multiple e-mail addresses have a new user name for each one. Therefore, the way I read this the person who made the complaint was scared of repercussions, thus no name. But the two other responses sounds like someone trying to protect their own identity. If you are the person that someone accuses of a scam, use your words and speak for yourself. These other people who chime in no nothing about the complaint nor the person making the complaint. Anyone can toss any name as the complainant, as to the bar association that is a matter that should be handled between the individuals. I have read many of these complaints, some are real and some aren't, but what happens between two people can not be verified by a third party who wasn't there. So if you think you are being defamed, consult a lawyer and sue who you claim is there and have the website take down the complaint. If not, you are assuming the person you named did it an you have no proof. This article is very weird with no substance for the rebuttals. With the reply of the "person who complained name" you are actually guilty of the same crime you are saying was done against you. Unless you have legal documents stating who it was and what action was taken, then this is just a lot of crap to cover your ass.

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