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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/03/2017
  • Severity: 10

Kamiar Akhlaghi

Con Artist, Terrorist, Thief

Beverly Hills, California

Watch out for an Iranian thief and male hooker by the name of Kamiar Akhlaghi.
Kamiar Akhlaghi is a homosexual male prostitute with AIDS, Herpes, Condyloma, Hepatitis, and several other venereal diseases.
When Kamiar Akhlaghi is not busy sucking male genitals for money, he is working as a sleazy salesman at Audi Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California.
Kamiar Akhlaghi is a pushy, lying, dishonest, sneaky, lazy, underhanded con artist who will sell his own mother to put more cash in his own pocket.
He sells secretly recalled cars (DEFECTIVE Audi vehicles) to unsuspecting customers and he has been responsible for over 5 deaths in the last year, due to his unscrupulous dealings.
Never ever buy a vehicle from Kamiar Akhlaghi. Never trust him in any way.
Kamiar Akhlaghi lies, lies, lies.
He lies so much that several men have gotten the HIV and AIDS virus from him, while he was being a male hooker on Santa Monica Boulevard.
He lies so much that 5 people have died in car crashes when he sold defective cars to them.
Kamiar Akhlaghi is a scum of the Earth.
Do NOT trust him.

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Con Artist, Terrorist, Thief Con Artist, Terrorist, Thief


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