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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/13/2017
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Lizzy Ackerman

She portraits to be an attorney

Orlando, New York, China, Lithuania, Ukraine, Orlando, Florida

She works in conjunction with Frank Olson and Francis Ciryl Desmond from DeFrank Investment LLC based in Takoma Park in Maryland and also with Global Security in Mumbai, India with a lady named Gumpta and a man named Gabi James bunch of well organized scammers. The head of the planning its Frank Olson beware he is the most evil coward thief liar you can come across so it's that Lizzy he speaks and writes English very well and she won't call you but will write you emails. He uses Viber and she uses emails her email its DeFrank Investment LLC it's supposed to have been her colleague to get Frank Olson out of his lying story of being detained in India. Stay away from them keep them out of business they are well organized

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She portraits to be an attorney She portraits to be an attorney


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