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  • Submitted: 06/19/2017
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At Pilates

SCAM Pilates Studio

Granada Hills, California

At Pilates aka ImAtPilates aka At Pilates studio in Granada Hills, California is the WORST pilates studio.
First of all, the trainers, Roseann Pelayo and Peter Deguzman have counterfeit, phony instructor certificates, which means that they are NOT real certified instructors and they will cause the customers and clients SEVERE, IRREVERSABLE INJURIES AND PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE AND OTHER PHYSICAL HARM.
Second of all, the owners, Roseann Pelayo and Peter Deguzman are greedy criminals who REFUSE to ever work with a potential customer, then after a customer (VICTIM) has been convinced to sign up and pay for pilates sessions, they use the customers' credit card and identification information fraudulently and illegaly and cause tremendous financial harm and commit identity theft against the customers.
At Pilates aka ImAtPilates, in Granada Hills, California is a SCAM pilates studio and should be avoided at all costs.
At Pilates is the absolute worst and most harmful and dangerous studio to go for pilates, as the owners will harm your health AND your wallet.
Furthermore, do NOT believe the PHONY, FALSE so-called "good" reviews on yelp and the other sites.
Those are PHONY, FALSE "good" reviews that the manipulative owners, Roseann Pelayo and Peter Deguzman themselves wrote, while posing as PRETEND customers.


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