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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/10/2017
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Tom Ondrejko Foundry

Tom Ondrejko Foundry associates with a felon

Washington, Pennsylvania

Tom Ondrejko and company associates with a felon, adulterer and even has gone so far as to abandon his only daughter. Jeffrey A. Brickett had been fired for Dra as well as the Rhodes Group. He plays victim and everybody he says is out to get him, yet he has never taken responsibility for any of his actions. Shame on you Tom and Chris Ondrejko to let Jeffs theatrical performance dictate your association with him. Has he told you about the 26k he stole from the federal government? Im sure he will say he didnit to save his friends. Lol. He lives with a woman with whom Jeff has yet to be faithful. Need proof contact Jeffs daughter and wife.


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