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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/14/2017
  • Severity: 10

Herbert Durand

Sick Scam Artist

Lafayett, Louisiana

Hebert Durand

Beware of Hebert Durand, also known as Hebert Dale Durand.
Hebert Durand is a dirty child predator and an internet TROLL, who has no life and nothing to live for, and so goes all over the internet trolling everyone's posts.
Here is a recent notice to Durand Hebert aka "FU2," "crookbusta," "covfefe," and a hundred other online bullshyt usernames.

Durand Hebert, also known as Durand Dale Hebert.
Age 53.
Home: Broussard, LA.
Also been known to reside in Lafayette (according to your Twitter profile).
Also resided in Carencro LA., Scott LA., Lafayette LA.
I, and now everyone else, knows that this is a fvcking sad, lonely, pathetic individual who has no worth, no reason to live, and no excuse to suck up the oxygen that actual worthy people should have more of, but cannot, because a waste like you is taking it all up.
Hebert Durand,
Durand Hebert aka Durand Dale Hebert aka "crookbusta" aka "FU2" aka "covfefe" are a NASTY CHILD PREDATOR WHO HAS ILLEGAL RELATIONS WITH SMALL BOYS AND HAS THEM USE A DILDO UP In the ANUS ON A REGULAR BASIS.


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