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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/05/2017
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Dex Starr

SAN DIEGO, California

My friend Dex Starr has been harassed by this pyscho named Joey for the last 10 years. By email, Facebook and tried to discount his talents as a hip hop dancer and artist. Dex Starr has shown me his career is taking off. He has a CD that feature background vocals by him.

He is sad by this character. Dex Starr has recently in the last month has had problems with Joey and thankfully had him banned from bars in Hillcrest such as The Rail, Numbers, Flicks and is passing out flyers about him. The owners at these bars understand and will have Joey pubically embarrassed. This man has ruined one of the most, popular, strong minded people in San Diego. Joey, Dex hates you. His Facebook tells people that you are nothing but a lonely old man who sits every night thinking about how it sucks to look ugly, dirty at age 54. People rumour about you being a meth whore who sits in downtown San Diego selling. The other bars in Hillcrest such as The Caliph tell stories of you being caught on camera stealing tips, drinks and the owner had you arrested for hustling people people‚Äč... 14 days in jail the month of July 2017. House arrest from August 3-14 for forging a check for $3500 to open a bank account at SDCCU in North Park. Dex Starr we love you bro. Take this information I got from his livescan.


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I know this sick fuck. Gross. Yuck. He looks like he had a fight with a truck. Someone told me the same thing. So, I guess it's true. He should have been returned when he was born. Oh yeah, if you want we could chat with him. Set him up. Ya know tell him you want to meet him, show up and umm chat.

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