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Daryl Robinson

The Telecom Tech

Collingwood, ON

Daryl Robinson came to my house to do a quick cable job. My mother wasn't home and I let him in. I'm 18 and blonde. He told me that he was very lonely and started talking about his love life and I totally thought it was weird. A half hour later he finished the installation and asked where my parents who had called him to do the job were at. I told him they would be back in 10 mins so he would leave. Finally he did. 2 days later the cable went out again. I told my mother not to have have that Daryl guy come back because he was so creepy. She asked why and I told her he was a weirdo. Then she explained that she would be home this time. He came again and fixed the problem and didn't even look at me. The next morning as I left for school he was sitting on the road watching me. I could tell that it was his vehicle and was automatically sick to my stomach. There is much more but I am filing an order of protection against him and am very creeped out by this man. He just seems like a scammer and pedophile.

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The Telecom Tech


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