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Antonio Moss

Monex Precious Metals Fraud

Newport Beach, California, 92660

It doesn't get much worse than this. I called up Monex ( a total scam company) to buy Gold coins to store in my house. My account rep at Monex seemed clean cut professional and knowledgeable. We talked on several occasions and he assisted me in buying some gold coins. All went fairly well. Then next time I call up he tells me about how there's so much money to be made trading in the Atlas Account stating that he could easily make me 50g a month with an investment capitol of 200g. Long story short he put me on a long painful roller coaster ride of losses and bad trades which ended in me loosing everything, all investment capitol gone all other possessions sold off at pennies on the dollar to make up for my losses. Here it is nearly 3 years later and I am still suffering financially, mentally and emotionally, due to this vicious scam. This company has the California courts in their pocket along with key politicians. This is what I would call TRUE TERRORISM. Hell, I worship Osama Bin Laden compared to how evil and destructive these bastards are.


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