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The Next Secret Millionaire


Livermore, California

Still sound like a rambling ignorant. You should really try the Spell Check. It MAY improve your image, though not likely.


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sometime the truth 1504 find out type of people posting on this site.....
Oh ya and remember I pay may bills and don't try to get over on my Banker like some on here do, and than try to point the finger at someone else.....
Good Morning....Thought I would respond to JR from here..The reason I haven't stated who I am, is because it shouldn't matter. Everything I have stated on this website is correct. No lies all facts. And look at this posting just another one of Lisa's rants...and her attempt to blemish my name even though we've never met.
So what difference does it make who I am. I've said before let it go, spend more time with your kids. Life is short.

Think about it, and have a nice day....

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