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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/18/2017
  • Severity: 10

Panda express, City heights

Manager, Sandra

San Diego, California

This last Tuesday I went to Panda express at University and Fairmont. When I went to pay my card declined. I opened the app and it showed plenty of money. The manager, Sandra saw and then called me a scammer and said I do this all the time. Really? I haven't been there since July when I found out I was diabetic. Long term customer. She states I have been getting free food for years to help with my drug addiction. Really? Not here. She said junkies eat fast. No, I was eating fast before I knew I was diabetic you dumb idiot. Don't worry Sandra, you can say what you want about people. I offered to pay the next day.

The reason why my card declined was my bank put a hold on it because i made a large price purchase that held the card. That's all. Life happens.

Next time you eat there buy lots of toilet paper.


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