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Ryan Johnson

Odometer Rollback

Walnut Creek, California, 94597

I bought a vehicle from eBay through " snowboardcentral8 " . I was contacted by Ryan Johnson to pick up the vehicle. I was given a address to meet Ryan in which money and paperwork was exchanged. Once on the freeway back home the car began to make a loud noise ( rear end) $850 to rebuild. Upon returning home I found that the paper work was not the same as the vehicle info. posted on eBay. I found that the odometer had been rolled back about 45-50 K miles. The vehicle title was not in his name although signed off By the registered owner Daniel Earnest Best. from Fresno, Ca. This guy new what he was doing, like he had done it many times before. I tracked down Rayn Johnson using his cell phone (925-262-3726). I found that he works for Livermore RV Center in LIvermore, Ca. Wonder if he gets the vehicles for his scams/fraud there???? I bought a $1500 car for almost $5000. I am not done with Ryan Johnson.


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