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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/26/2018
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Sebastian Colce/weymar colce Dayanna Trujillo and family

Bigotry sick couples

key west, Florida

Sebastian Colce or Weimar/weymar colce and Dayanna Trujillo said for the mother of Sebastian son; "got charity help for you black American children." I will only take care my wife kids you know they are Venezuelan white kids with Spain hereditary they need my totally support.
You and this black kid you blame be my son can got your ex husband children abused and domestic violence support or some charity help.
You have to figure by yourself I do not gonna be there for my son his too black for being part of my world. Sebastian adopted Dayanna kids she have 2 with different men and any kid with Sebastian.
I really don't care if you are domestic violence survive or my biological son in dangerous,so you married I don't care got your ex husband help for raised this black son bcz I don't will be there for him I need take care my wife kids you know they white it's different in America world you can figure by yourself,got charity help.
Sebastian gaslight,abuse the pregnant for 9 months his seen nice and care about his son invited the lady for leave in his house just for abused and bullying for 9 month's and finally kick her out when she have 36 week pregnant in the same day the pregnant lady moving out his move in Dayanna and his kids inside the house.his son born with heart disease and the lady does not have any family in USA Sebastian or Weymar abandoned his son with any support he acted like never know the black woman and his son,sebastian knows the mother of his son get way abusive ex husband but Sebastian take this for granted and use this excuse too neglect the children and do exploration by Florida law the children is legally son of the abusive guy but Sebastian decide leave his son like that bcz his said the children is too black for been part of his world.Dayanna support and encourage his men abandoned and neglected another kids his have she from Venezuela and she will do everything for keep her privilege and demanding and keep her kids in good place also receive money from biological father who's live in Spain and keep Sebastard busy for take care her kids.
Sebastian got a lot support for neglect and abused the black immigrant domestic violence survive and abandoned his black son they will telling all excuses for leave the woman and newborn baby with out any remorse or empathy bcs she's black with black children and have ex husband children abused and domestic violence.


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