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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/30/2018
  • Severity: 10

Andrew Markell

Needle Junky

Belleville, ON

This man needs to be stopped. He's from Belleville and is a heroin addict and needle junky. He tries to push petty drugs into our community and gets your young children addicted to hard drugs that leads to a downward spiral of Hell involving rehabs, counseling, and also jail. It's a recurring web of lies with this man. He will ruin your while life with the blink of an eye.

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Needle Junky


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To add to this, this man in the dating world is horrible. He won't tell you about his charges and criminal activity till months into the relationship. He will lie about drugs, money, having a license, he played it off like he was sober off drugs and was around my son which is disgusting someone would lie about that with children and go ahead and be around them. By the end of the relationship I found a bag of drugs in my house.
Don't trust this guy and don't trust him around your children. He is s pathological liar that will again try to hurt you once he gets what he wants
Please disregard this come t above this is not true

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