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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/10/2018
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Gary Yeoman's Ford Service

Gary Yeomans Ford Service

Daytona Beach, Florida

Repeatedly trying to scam service work. Swapping parts for ones from old used cars on their lot instead of new/rebuilt.

I've dealt with them on several occasions taking my Ford Expedition in for rear differential clunks & noises, most during the warranty period. Each time they had it for weeks, but when I got it back the issues continue. It was verified by the service advisor, service mgr, & even the techs before dropping off. I was told it was done, picked it up & immediately noticed the problem was much worse so I went right back in. They said they replaced the rear end, but when I looked underneath, everything was rusty & old. Long story short, I pressed for the "new" parts they said were installed & was told they don't make new parts (lie), I said then I want my old back on because it wasn't nearly as bad. They agreed & took it back in to replace. I followed up with an unannounced inspection & found they had my suv on lift next to another used one just like it (but with 58k miles) and they had been swapping the parts back & forth.

After confronting them with the knowledge, I was given an extended warranty from Ford till 75k miles. Never did get the issue resolved or been back, but is better than getting someone else's issues as well. Be wary & QUESTION/ VERIFY any work done there. Gary Yeoman's Ford Service will cut corners at every chance. Their techs are terrible.


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