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Palm Coast, Florida

MICHAEL MOTTA received Flight Training from Aero Moto Training in Palm Coast, FL in 2017...

He has not paid his balance on his account... I have given him the opportunity for several months to pay his balance... When I informed him that I may have to take him to small claims court to get payment...He has threatened me to post untrue / false information about me if I let him off of paying his balance of: $409...

Be careful of Mr. Motta... He is a scammer...

He does odd jobs related to construction in the Flagler area... This guy is one to steer away from !... I wish I had !

Kurt Schneider / Aero Moto Training


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Kurt you have how many fraud cases? And you’re trying to say some else is a scammer you should check the news! You’re famous now and you’re garage flight school ripping off kids!! Hope you sleep well at night crushing their dreams!

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