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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/24/2011
  • Severity: 9

Max Cather

Love and in a Tight Needs Money Urgently (now)

Longwood Fl and West Africa Ghana-tema, Florida

Met on, became in love quickly, stated from Malta and has thick accent. Stated was a businessman from Longwood,Fl and traveled the world with his work building bridges and roadways. Had trip to set up construction on roadway in Ghana and associates had deleted money in bank, needed $3500.00 now, told I did not have $3500.00 asked how much I could send, told $500.00, stated needed within 30 minutes for equipment deposit, Western Union to Thomas Brayden Opuku, 32 Obutu St Highlands, West Africa Ghana-tema. Verizon international call # 011233546629764, US # 704-745-4723. I sent $500.00, received calls stating was tired of construction and me and him were going to start gold and diamond business, he had talked to the people in Ghana and everything was arranged, could I get money from my home, told no I had 2nd mortgage already, then wanted to know about retirement accts, I smelled rats, told no I could not get from them either. I called his hand on scam, became furiousand lashed out accusing me and stating he was a Christian and hard working man, oh yeah he works hard to get your money. I have asked numerous times for my money, needless to say I have been scammed. Ladies and gents beware of him, he goes by Max Cather at present but on background check there is no Max Cather in Fl, the nearest lives in Ne. seems to be a search ground for these fools, they look for lonely women to woo right out of their money. Don't get involved with this fool. His email is


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