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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/24/2011
  • Severity: 10

Advance Core Financial

Internet Loan

Detroit, Michigan

Advance Core Financial offered me a loan for $8,000 from an online application I did a few weeks ago. They provided me with a contract and insurance policy. I was asked to wire money via western union for $1500 to a Pickering Ontario location to two different individuals and my loan would be wired to my account. but no money was sent. Mark Masters is the ring leader however there is also a Mr Elliot and Amber Wrigt and Mr Shivaz. There are three different phone numbers 1-888-647-1140, 18887265559 &18007139628


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  • ams
  • Submitted: 01/27/2011
same thing
my b/f tried to take a loan
first he sent 685 thru western union to anabella bransword in pickering
then another excuse that he caved to we sent 295 to a mark cleaners
and i tell ya thats what he did 975 $ later they want another 295 and i told him he was lying and i caught him in his own lie and after i threatend his family i assumed the whole we will refund you in 1 to 40 weeks was a sham they may have only taken 975 but they took all that i had because i was to stupid to think and i assumed my bf had done his research five minutes into my research i found this site i only wished i had looked sooner
i called opp anything over 300 $ they have to show government id so i lost 285 but that 685 anabelle im coming for you hunny
if you read this anabella when im done you will wish you were a better person i will ruin your life B*tch

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