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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/02/2019
  • Severity: 10

Robert F Brockmann

Con artist “rich businessman” down on his luck

Syracuse, New York

Bobby will give you the impression he is a successful businessman. Possibly using the name of a merchant account company he is a independent salesman for: Central Payment (CPAY) or TSYS. He is a salesman but don’t think that means the company vouches for him or cares if he is a liar and a scammer.

Bobby played the role of the “rich businessman” down on his luck, saying he needs some money to pay the IRS who have frozen his bank accounts. He uses faked documents to show he has 23 million dollars sitting in a checking account. He will promise that in “a few weeks” the money will be freed up and you will be rewarded handsomely for the help.

Or... he will ask for money for a business start up. Most likely a TSYS regional office or franchise office. This will require a sizeable down payment in 6 figures.

Bobby grooms lonely women by “love bombing” them with constant text messages. That is why he is always always texting. Because he is already grooming another set of victims.

If Bobby tells you he’s in love with you and he wants to marry you, it’s just another ploy. He’s already married to Samantha with 2 kids he doesn’t support.

He has at least 2 more children and is wanted for arrest in New York State for back child support.

Bobby says he works very hard, but actually all he does is lay around and eat and watch tv while texting.

Bobby is a compulsive gambler and all the money you “invest” is getting used for the $20 slots your nearest casino.

Either that or it is being turned into crack smoke and sucked into his lungs. He smoked tens of thousands of dollars worth of crack in my garage. MY money.

Bobby has a well honed “rich” act. He pretends he has expensive taste and will brag about his fancy colognes, suits and watches. But all of it is either stainless steel pave (not diamonds and white gold) or just regular department store stuff.

The man shops almost exclusively at Walmart because he is only a suspicion away from homelessness.

He operates out of Florida, New York, possibly Georgia and Oregon.

Bobby is a psychopath and has well developed plans for his victims. He definitely gets a charge out of lying, and will lie about things just because he can, not because it helps him.

Bobby does not feel love. As a psychopath he does not have strong feelings. He is good at acting and can even cry on demand. He doesn’t even love his wife or children. They are just placeholders for him.

The man has severe bipolar disorder and when he is manic, he will spend insane amounts of your money on harebrained schemes, then when the depressive phase hits he will lose interest completely. Leaving a wreckage of expensive junk piled up in your house.

He has a felony conviction for forging his grandmother’s checks when he was 18. He did many years in prison. His own mother wishes he was locked up again to keep him from causing any more destruction and pain.

The very worst thing about Bobby is he has uncontrollable constant rage. Rage is the one feeling psychopaths can feel. He is dangerous and has threatened me and my children with death.

Bobby is active in the BDSM community as a Master. If you become his unfortunate sub or slave he will use his power to get you in debt and broke as he maxes out all of your credit cards on gambling, crack and uncontrollable shopping.

If you are approached by Robert Brockmann, I suggest you do not give him any money or a place to stay. I wish I hadn’t.

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Con artist “rich businessman” down on his luck Con artist “rich businessman” down on his luck Con artist “rich businessman” down on his luck Con artist “rich businessman” down on his luck


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