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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/01/2019
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LGBT center in San Diego liars

Lies fraud and abuse

San Diego, California

Here is a story about the trash that works at the LGBT center in San Diego. A few years back a person named Ricardo Sousa, a fraud, lied about Blake Anderson. It was found today that Sousa lied about having a restraining order against Blake Anderson.
Staff of the center including Steve Juarez lied about Blake Anderson.
Sousa runs a shady business. Sousa had over 100 people in San Diego lie about Blake Anderson. Sousa to this date has continued to say he has one against Blake Anderson.

Juarez trained his co workers to aid in providing false documents to tarnish Blake Anderson.

Sousa lies, manipulating the Hillcrest area into making a living hell for Blake Anderson.

The LGBT center in San Diego is evil, toxic as well as Juarez. Sousa is a waste of time and thinks that he can run San Diego.

Stay clear of Sousa and Juarez. Pure scum of the earth.


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