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Beatrice Lozada


Elmont, Nassau county, New York

This woman is complete bad news, please do not get caught up with Beatrice Lozada, she will be very kind and sweet at first, portraying to help you. This woman is the most spiteful woman I have ever met, she will try her very best to hurt you as much as she can once you get into a disagreement with her or fight, whether it be through popping your tires, suing you for anything in court, or vandalism at employment company. If you type in Beatrice Lozada on google you will see that her name comes up as she is in a yearly long lawsuit with Nassau county government because she sued Nassua county because she got fired by her boss for not obeying policy and wanted revenge. She has sued insurance companies as well as people for petty situations and it is how she makes her living because nobody wants to hire her, I prey that all companies and people run far away from this woman for your sake. Do not fall for her.

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