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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/28/2011
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Leslie Landry of Puppycat Cattery

Leslie Landry of Puppycat Cattery

unknown, California

Breeder: Leslie Landry
Cattery: Puppycat Ragdolls
Address: P.O. Box 207
City: Granum, AB, Canada TOL IA0,
Phone: 403-687-2369
Complaintant: Maggie
Date: 8/4/05

Breeder condons corrupt bad business practices of other breeders such as Eileen Johanson of Rufs N Tuftz Cattery. Sold buyer sick kitten and when breeder took cat to Vet wouldn't show results of tests to buyer, stated she would but still hasn't 3 years later now. Buyer had to sign paper stating other health concerns were not the breeders responsibility or I couldn't have kitty back. When buyer told breeder she was "going to be turned in" breeder laughed and said "into what"? Sold another sick cat which ended up dying and buyer had a very hard time getting money back when producing proof of cardiomyopathy in a 8 month old kitty.

Response from Buyer 8/7/05
Leslie is not being honest at all. First of all, she most certainly did know I was leaving for the States and when. She did bring the kitty to me but it wasn't out of the kindness of her heart. I asked her once if she wanted to see where her kitty was coming to live and that I thought that that was so good of her as a breeder, and she said "no, I wanted to see what Red Deer was like".

She did refund the Vet money I had spent and my problem is not that she wouldn't take the kitty back, I loved him and didn't want to let him go. I did think that I was purchasing a healthy kitty and have went to a lot of work that a person does not normally have to go through because she did sell me a kitty that was not healthy. This is the one that now has urinary problems, a pH level that could mean stones and so he is under Vet care with a special diet now that he is 4 years old. Has always required brushing his teeth from every other day to finally now being on T/D by Hills for gingivitis.

She did not ever write me out a check for the purchase price of the kitty and I don't know who would be her witness as the only other ones in the house at the time were her kitties? My problem that I stated in my complaint was she promised to produce results from her Vet and any other Vet that she states she has taken this kitty to and 3 plus years later has never! Just got me to sign this paper that looks like it was made out on any computer, that she would not be responsible for any other health care issues that came up and that the kitty was alright health wise. I had to sign it to get the kitty back.

Next, with the other kitty I purchased for my friend in the States, none of what she says is true. When this kitty was brought in to be neutered the Vet stated that it had a very high heart rate and could possibly have heart problems. My friend phoned me to let me know and I phoned Leslie and all she would say is "lots of people have heart problems". When the kitty died it took 2 Vets getting in touch with Leslie and over 2 months, over 2 months from them getting in touch with Leslie, not the time that Leslie was notified that the kitty had died, only then did she finally send the reimbursement to my friend. It also was after my friend threatened to let it be known what kind of a breeder she is, that she finally gave her her money.

I know that there was a lot of needless anxiety and my friend was devastated already in the fact that she had lost her kitty that she loved so much. She had come home to him lying on the floor dead with his little paws crossed. She still has his pictures everywhere, screen saver on her computer, pictures everywhere. Now what is going to happen now that we have heard from Leslie? Thank you so very much for sending this. It's like she is reinjuring again though with all her lies and irresponsibility. Thank you, Maggie"


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