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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/28/2011
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Kaiser Permanente Health Plan & Senior Advantage

Refusal of Prescriptions After 35 year Membership

I was a Member of Kaiser Permanente Health Plan from 1975 through 2010, continuously. I forgave errors, such as a total hysterectomy after a Kaiser IUD. Also forgave when they did an MRI of my LEFT ankle while trying to diagnose injury to my RIGHT ankle. For about 18 months, I patiently pointed out that the MRI was clearly titled LEFT, and they said it was just a typo. It was not, and resulted in surgical reconstruction of my right ankle ligaments, with little screws in my right foot. I forgave that mistake too, but they promised me physical therapy to recover from the surgery & then after surgery they refused. So, I had to go to arbitration to get them to pay for the physical therapy, and recovered very little except that.

The point of all this long winded story is that I cannot forgive & ignore what is now deliberate causation of extreme pain. KAISER'S STANDARD OF CARE IS LOWER THAN THE STANDARD FOR A PRISONER OF WAR UNDER THE GENEVA CONVENTION. They have been deliberately causing extreme pain for some time now, refusing pain medication by claiming that all of my pain was caused by workers' comp injuries - not true, when Kaiser caused the most painful part of my body, my right foot.

I left Kaiser on 12/31/2010. I requested my prescriptions, which they had been providing with NO REFILLS. I was getting five days of Norco at a time, with NO REFILLS. This is while I am totally disabled with Medicare because of extreme & chronic pain. I never asked for a refill early or any of the other forbidden actions, it was just Kaiser screwing me over after 35 years.

It is now the first day of the 5TH WEEK SINCE I REQUESTED MY PRESCRIPTIONS. I STILL HAVE NONE. THE PAIN MED WAS GONE JANUARY 2. I owe them no money. Twice, I have filed EXPEDITED GRIEVANCES regarding my need to have my prescriptions for chronic conditions. All I expected was 30 days of prescriptions, not medications. WHY IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK OF KAISER AFTER 35 YEARS OF MEMBERSHIP????


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