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Michael Ramdat--Lee Fiske

The Funding King 10k and More Stolen

Palm Bay/Melbourne, California

These guys are both incredible. Lee is an old guy always running untested ideas. Always has something that won't work. Michael is a young punk, that is always there with his hand out. He can't do anything other than lie. He has stolen 10K of my money and I know of another guy and lady that have money stolen as well 10K each. I am posting this to see if there are others out there. Here in Cali I need to pool 50K to get a class A felony vs these guys. First go after Lee, then he will give up the details on Mike. He has changed his cell "business number". But I will find his and get a bench warrant for his arrest by using the fed wire system. I know they both are in Florida. Just fyi these two are a pair, so be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!


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