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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/30/2011
  • Severity: 10

Michael Jorge Douglas

Romance Scam

Lagos, Romance scam

Claims to be a civil engineer in Nigeria but an American who had been living in Houston, Texas. Finished a job but hasn't been with his daughter.

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Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam


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  • mmacs
  • Submitted: 02/25/2011
What did he eventually do, want money. I was contacted by him on
He has told me part of the story. hasn't gotten to part where he won't get paid.
Does this mean he is new at this scam? These reports are very current. Seems if the scam worked there would be much older posts...................
  • Dawn
  • Submitted: 02/25/2012
hey i got scammed by this guy too! it was 2009 he caught me for 26,000 euros. sob story that he had finished a job in nigeria and was waiting to get paid and was with his daughter Jeni and his other daughter jane was with her mum in the uk. i admit i was a fool and fell for him hook line and believed everything he told me when he was supposed to come to be with me after he got my money and told me that he had finally got his cheque i got a text message saying he was kidnapped and heard no more after that. 12 months later i tried his old email address and sent an email and i got a reply stating that he was with a woman who he loved and who was i and how did i get his email address when i declared who i was he was delighted that he found me again and explained that he escaped with his daughter and i was to contact his lawyer David Baldwin@yahoo,com and he would return my money and that he would be with me shortly Bulls**** another scam artist after that i heard no more. he used, if anyone hears from him just don't believe his lies he left me penniless and in debt
So this person has been around. What a jerk. Had me fooled. Met him through How About We. Claimed to be Jose Miguel Ramirez. Communicated through phone, emails, texts, and instant messaging. Asked for $1000, Did not give him anything. Claimed he was so stressed out and sick, cause he couldn't get the money he needed to move his warehouse equipment out, and to get it shipped. For a civil engineer, making good money, his story was bull. Just didn't make any sense and red flags were flying. I finally stop all communications when he started ignoring me.

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