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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/31/2011
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GMK solutions

Audit your Mortgage

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

They were suppose to. Take 75.00 dollars to start the process they took 475.00 when I ask for my money back they said they had already completed the audit and I owe them 500.00 but in their contract they say the audit will not be started until they are paid 975.00 that includes the 75.00 nonrefundable processing fee this company is a rip off if they do find something wrong with your paper they put you in touch with a lawyer who wants several thousand dollars up front to look at what GMK claimed they found DONT trust GMK rip off artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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GMK just might be doing a noble thing for people.

Unfortunately, I don't think you understand what is going on.

If your in foreclosure, you need to see if your lender violated civil (not criminal but it should be) law.

If they did (and they almost always do those gangsters), you need to see a lawyer. Did you think the lender was going to fold because you and you alone threated to sue them?

You need a lawyer, scrape some money up, suck in up and sue! I know for a fact that some lawyers, the ones who know how, are able to get principal reductions. Call the Ticktin or Tickten Law Group from FLA.

I know for a fact that they get principel reductions but if they knock $100k off of your mortgage, you have to pay them some $40k in a separate mortgage I think, weird but worth it.

GMK Solutions, Foreclosure Law Center - ALL SCAMS BY THE SAME PERSON! Many many people (including myself) have been ripped off by them and then they refuse to give our money back. They dont return phone calls or emails. They call threatening people and are very unprofessional. We are trying to file a class action suit against them. If anyone interested email me with FLC in the subject line.

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