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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/05/2020
  • Severity: 10

Cox communications San Diego

Cox communications san Diego

San Diego, California

On Feb 3 2020, I received a letter from them stating that they needed an update of my email address and phone number to pay a bill. The letter was addressed to my home with just my first and middle name. Odd, no last name.

I called cox communications collection and spoke to Amanda at 1 877 984 0170. She was very friendly and supportive. She told me that there were no active accounts with my information.

That day I filed an FTC complaint and identity theft fraud affidavit. A police report was generated from san Diego police # 20007015. The officer was informative and was helpful. I gave him possible sources that could have used my information.

The case is on going. I think I know who did it. With the police report, Cox will divulge that information.

Have a nice day.


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