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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/02/2010
  • Severity: 6

Scott Lynton

Scumbag Car Salesman at Coral Cadillac Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach, Florida

This guy is your typical car salesman. He gives sales people a bad name!! Scott Lynton came very close to screwing me on a car purchase. I caught him in numerous lies. At one point, I got so fed up with this guys BS, that I almost drove down there to put my foot in his mouth.. If you are buying a Cadillac or Hummer, use another Sales Person.. Or better yet buy a foreign car.

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Scumbag Car Salesman at Coral Cadillac Pompano Beach


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  • Scott
  • Submitted: 03/17/2010
I do not know who you are but I can assure you my reputation as a car saleman is beyond reproach. I am forthright with all my customers. I will come right out and tell you, my name is Scott Lynton. I am not afraid to post my name here or anywhere else for that matter. You on the other hand have chosen to take the cowards path by posting anonomously!!! Should you want to discuss your problem with me, you know where I am. As far as your threat to put your foot in my mouth, again, you know where I am and we can deal with that as well!!!!!
Why don't you say who you are tough guy? Scott and I will come to your house and put 4 different feet in your mouth. You probably would like that though since you are so soft. Looks at my username, I mean business.

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