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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/24/2020
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San Diego CA. Gsy community

Gay Community San Diego

San Diego
If you want to move to San Diego, do not enter. Especially the gay community. The gay community in San Diego is the worst in the world. Its better in Canada and Japan.

San Diego gays think the world revolves around each onr of them . Their is no unity. Lying, manipulating, glorified little whiny brats. If you do not have a toned body, go to a gym, or buy into the alcohol scene, then the revengeful little self entitled people will say things that are not true. They can't keep up with their lies. Then when they get caught.....all of a sudden they feel like they have to lash out. They all think they are celebrities but have nothing to show for it.

#San Diego
#North Park


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