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  • Submitted: 06/01/2020
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Judge David Walgren

Judge David Walgren Corrupt, Biased, Abuse Of Authority

San Fernando, California

Warning about Judge David Walgren.
You remember, the puissant district attorney who, in 2009, got conviction on the Michael Jackson physician trial?
Wee it was only a "conviction" by luck and default, and certainly NOT because David Walgren was skilled in any manner.
He happened to have his number come up for a publicized case and, since it was Michael Jackson's death and so many twisted people loved the child predator, he secured a conviction BY DEFAULT and only BY DEFAULT.
And there in lies the story and reason behind his judgeship-ALSO BY DEFAULT, because this POS never had and never will have the skills, temperament, morals, or ethics to be a judge.
He will always be that crooked pissant lawyer married to a district attorney wife who is as unethical, immoral, dishonest, phony, abusive, underhanded, COWARDLY as he, "judge" David Walgren is.
"Judge" David Walgren is an undeserved title to give to such a beady-eyed, crooked, immoral, underhanded dehumanizing, fake, phony COWARD as he always has and always will be.
He was LUCKY to become elected a "judge" only because of the Michael Jackson trial.
Had it not been for that, he would still be prosecuting defendants, with FALSE evidence, as he always had before.
It's just that, when he became "judge," he handed presided over and supported convictions with FAKE evidence.
If you or your client are UNfortunate enough to end up in his courtroom, look forward to a very unfair, horribly managed process.
However, you DO have an option and an OUT.
Any attorney knows the State Of California law that there is always one free pass in a case: You can very easily get him disqualified without needing to justify it.
Simply fill out, sign, submit the short, simple form.
Then this crooked snake is immediately disqualified and you'll be granted a different judicial officer-A fair one, because (even in a state full of abusive judicial officers, granted) ANY judge is better than "judge" David Walgren.
Need further justification? Allright. Do you agree with child trafficking? No? Well then, are you aware that, on or about year 2016 "judge" David Walgren was caught, red-handed, fondling a boy of only 8 years old at his family friends' home during a picnic?
YES. True story.
Why wasn't it publicized and why wasn't he arrested?
That's quite obvious. He's a "judge." These things are paid off, covered up, and hidden, when you're a judge.
Case in point: The recent 202 incident with Los Angeles D.A.Jackie lacey's husband: Her husband was caught, ON VIDEO, brandishing a gun while threatening a group of females who were simply outside of house, peacefully requesting a townhall meeting concerning some bad acts of Jackie Lacey herself.
What happened, though? Was he ever charged? Was anything even further mentioned? No & no. Why? Because those are the benefits of being an elected official-Corruption walks while cover-ups talk (Money is also the universal solvent-err, motivator).
Thus, the same exact scenario with "judge" David Walgren, THE CHILD PREDATOR.
Now allow me to pose a very serious question:
Is this an official who you want to preside over court cases when it comes time for re-election?
The answer is as clear as water (And not the murky, soiled waters that current judge David Walgren showers in after his secret and STILL ONGOING activities with very young, defenseless little boys).
But let's also not lose sight of his arbitrary decisions in court, his biased rulings, his unexplainable, unjustifiable choices, and other egregious misconduct as a judge, all while sitting on the bench.


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