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David Campbell

Beware of this beautiful face

Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23464

This man goes by the name of David Campbell and he is on the dating site. He is very romantic and portrays himself as divorced with french roots, one daughter and lives in virginia beach, va. He claims to work in Richmond Virginia and commutes between Virginia Beach and Richmond while traveling abroad frequently. He will freely send you 7 photos, but will send nothing more after that. He gives a real virginia beach address and phone number, but the innocent person living at that address and answering that phone number is a different David Campbell. "David" will send many long and effusive emails. Engage in long chats on yahoo messenger. Will make a few phone calls. Sends flowers. I also received a nice order of lingerie from Victoria's Secret. All this without a single meeting in person----then the boot drops. He is traveling overseas and suddenly comes up short in cash to gain his licensure to start his own international network business. He needs me to Western Union him a large sum of money immediately. Upon questioning, he becomes hostile. Upon checking his order status from Victoria's Secret and the florist, i discover that the orders were placed by a woman in Ohio. I ran his ISP address and discovered that he was located in Lagos Nigeria and Charlotte NC, which is common among Nigerian Male Dating Scams. Please be warned!

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Beware of this beautiful face Beware of this beautiful face Beware of this beautiful face Beware of this beautiful face


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No I did not. Please note, the man in the pictures is an innocent party. His photos were "borrowed" from MySpace. The man actually behind the pictures is from Lagos, Nigeria and hopefully retired from online scamming.
do not email efcc as on this note.... this efcc is a scam!!! I did it and got a response to give them whatever they were requesting!!!
What is the Efcc office? I haven't responded to the requests for emails. What is it that they want?
see 2154 and 1965
Same guy that was trying to get me! Only he told me his name was Thomas Raymond and he was from Houston Texas... I posted about him also... if you do a search you will see under Thomas Raymond/ David_Campbell.
Yes me too got it... luckily i found this link...
He is still calling me, 8 times from yesterday till now. I did not answer at all.

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